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Saturday September 17th , 2011 — PostRank: 9.9
After a sixteen-month hiatus filled with lawsuits and unfortunate arrests, undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. returns to the ring TONIGHT (Sept. 17) to take on brutal upstart "Vicious" Victor Orti [...more]
Friday November 4th , 2011 — PostRank: 9.9
Although the primary FOX network will air just one fight during next week's UFC on FOX 1 event, its sister... [...more]
Saturday December 10th , 2011 — PostRank: 9.9
Good news for all you aspiring mixed martial artists who run around at 125-pounds. The UFC is finally bringing flyweights into the fold, as Octagon king Dana White today announced that a [...more]
Wednesday March 11th , 2009 — PostRank: 9.8
Five Ounces of Pain
According to a new published report, it appears that Lyoto Machida receive his shot at the UFC light heavyweight title sooner rather than later. The Britsh tabloid The Sun is reporting that Quinton &# [...more]
Tuesday March 24th , 2009 — PostRank: 9.8 Sports - Top Stories
Seattle Mariners star Ichiro Suzuki hit a two-out, two-run single in the top of the 10th, and Japan beat reigning Olympic champion ... [...more]
Tuesday March 24th , 2009 — PostRank: 9.8 Sports - Top Stories
Talk about the Super Bowl as a national holiday. How about as a lead-in to Presidents' Day? The prospect of extending the NFL's ... [...more]
Thursday March 26th , 2009 — PostRank: 9.8
Red Sweat
Scrape and Punkass talk about Mask’s dream for Tapout and how they plan to keep that dream alive. They speak of their insane journey from a 800 square foot retail space to the 40,000 square foo [...more]
Thursday March 26th , 2009 — PostRank: 9.8
Red Sweat
MMA Live previews UFC Fight Night 18 and discuss the highly-anticipated debut of Bellator Fighting Championships on ESPN Deportes. Related Content February 20, 2009 — MMA Live Episode 41 - UFC [...more]
Friday June 5th , 2009 — PostRank: 9.8
Ultimate MMA Video Blog
Ultimate MMA videos for your viewing pleasure. Also news and comments from the world of mma. [...more]
Saturday August 8th , 2009 — PostRank: 9.8 Sports - Top Stories
After holding out for the first week of training camp, receiver Roddy White has agreed to a contract extension with the Atlanta ... [...more]
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