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Muay Thai News

Thursday February 19th , 2009 — PostRank: 9
My Muay Thai
Since I’ve moved from the Bay Area to London, my diet has really taken a beating.  Don’t get me wrong; I’ve never been a picture of health.  Let me give you and example… [...more]
Friday February 27th , 2009 — PostRank: 9
My Muay Thai
I’ve been boxing quite a bit these past few months.  I’m a huge advocate for mixing it up, it helps to stave off burnout.  The gym I’m boxing is at is called All Starts Boxing [...more]
Friday May 29th , 2009 — PostRank: 8.3
My Muay Thai
£150…  That’s what I’d be willing to pay to have Gina beat on me… is that bad?  I’m a little worried. I know there are dudes out there to pay women to wrestle th [...more]
Wednesday May 19th , 2010 — PostRank: 8.3
Last night, the nightmare was real in Thailand. The mob, after months of protesting, decided to burn the city down. Over 30 places was burnt. They targeted banks, department stores including Central [...more]
Thursday June 4th , 2009 — PostRank: 7.5
My Muay Thai
This past Sunday KO-Gym (my current camp) held it’s annual show at Porchester Hall in London.  David Pacquette and Saro Presti headlined the sold out event. I was originally going to MC the e [...more]
Tuesday June 9th , 2009 — PostRank: 7.5
My Muay Thai
This fight took place a couple of weeks ago on the May 22nd Por. Pramuk show. The main event was two featherweight powerhouses; Singdam Kiatmoo9 (Red) and Nong-O Sit O. (Blue). Both fighters have been [...more]
Saturday August 7th , 2010 — PostRank: 7.5
The Brazilian muay thai championship of 2010 is sponsored by the Brazilian league of traditional muay thai (LBMTT), and suported by WMA, (the world muay thai association), WKL (world kickboxing leag [...more]
Wednesday October 8th , 2008 — PostRank: 7.4
My Muay Thai
came across some pretty good news yesterday.  I saw that our favorite show, The Contender Asia has been picked up for a second season. From what I’ve read filming will commence early next ye [...more]
Monday June 15th , 2009 — PostRank: 7.4
My Muay Thai
I always appreciate it when you guys forward me interesting articles and clips.  This one is from Matt,  I decided to cut and past the actual email he sent as it’s perfect as is. “So [...more]
Monday April 28th , 2008 — PostRank: 6.9
My Muay Thai
Since everyone has been chomping at the bit, I figure there’s no reason to keep you waiting. If you don’t want to watch the finale in the small window, you can watch it here. Big thanks [...more]
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